Garment Cabinet
The cabinat works on the principle of double filtration of air.  The room air will be drawn through pre filter of 5 microns and will pass through HEPA filter with effecience rating as high as 99.97% with DOP thus retainig all air borne particles of size 0.3 microns and larger.  The HEPA and pre filters filters will be provided with a saifty grill of SS(304) to prevent accidental damage.  The double filter air will be blow in laminar flow with a designed velocity of 100ft/min + 20% using an electric motor of 1/3 rd H.P. of G.E.  Make proper care will taken by mounting the blower on anti vibration suspension system to maintain the noise level.  The blower units will also be made out of Stainless Steel.  Unit will also have one no of Megnahealic Guage.

Model No
Size Ft.
3 X 2
2 X 2