Dispensing Booths
Dispensing booths are based on re-circulation of air. The material dispensed is sucked in a natural pattern of moments and blocked through pre-filters of 5 macrons. Then the air passes through a microvee filter and finally re-circulates through the HEPA filter, providing class 100 laminar movement of  air.

Dispensing booths are used for dispensing of powder and chemicals, thus minimizing the risk of contamination within the work area and ensuring the health of the operating personnel.
They are available in different  material of construction , like metallic epoxy powder coated and stainless steel. Another option of PVC curtains in place of side walls is also available
Flow Vertical & Horizontal
Model No
VF / HF - 1
VF / HF - 2VF / HF - 3VF / HF NS
Size in Ft.
4 X 2 X 2
3 X 2 X 24 X 2 X 26 X 2 X 2

The dispensing booths are used in Pharma Industry for dispensing of raw materials. The air flow pattern in the dispensing booth is of reverse type and hence it is also called as "Reverse LAF".

It is available in different options of side walls ie: the side walls available are of stainless steel or polycarbonate curtains based on the application.