Laminar Air Flow
Horizontal &  Vertical Laminar Air Flow system allows operation in sterile and particle free conditions .The continuous flushing of the working area by an unidirectional horizontal and ultra filtered air flow. assures a full product protection.

Horizontal  Laminar Air Flow Benches are specially designed to work in Hospitals, Pharmacies, IVF Centers, Food Control, Horticulture in vitro Cultures, also in Electronics, Optics, Micro mechanics, Plastic Industries, etc.

Vertical  Laminar Air Flow Benches are specially designed for handling of non-pathogenic biological samples, cell and tissue cultures, controls in microbiology,  pharmaceutical product preparation etc and suitable to work in Electronics & Optics.
All models are supplied with working area Class 100 as defined by U.S. Fed.Std. 209
HF - 1HF - 2HF - 3  HFNS(62)Models: VF -1VF - 2VF - 3


4 X 2 X 2
3 X 2 X 22 X 2 X 26 X 2 X 2Size:4 X 2 X 23 X 2 X 22 X 2 X 26 X 2 X 2
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The Laminar Air Flow Cabinets are specially designed  to provide particulate free environment for non-hazardous material.

Different types of flow are recommended for use in different industries. For eg: The Horizontal Laminar Air Flow is used in food, parental feeding, Tissue culture and other relevant industries.

The vertical laminar air flow cabinets are recommended for use in preparation and manipulation of PCR samples, Alimentation and microbiology.